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General Beekeeping Resources
  • Bee Health - Incredible resource for anyone interested in exploring bees, beekeeping, and the overall health of these pollinators.
  • Hive Tracks - Free online hive tracking system.  Simple, but very useful.
  • The Honey Locator - An incredible resource for both consumers and producers of honey, the honey locator in a list of honey sources in the US.  It is easily searchable and free.
  • Bee Informed - National Winter Loss and Management Surveys - If you are a beekeeper, you should take a few minutes to fill out the winter loss survey.  The data is used by researchers and those concerned with overall pollinator declines.
Pollinator Research Resources
WBC Hives
  • - a modern look at this common UK double wall hive design.  WBC hives are an attactive addition for of beekeeping hobbiests with just a few hives in the garden or a small apiary.
  • Bee Source WBC Hive Plans - Steve Moye (Mount Olive, NC) provides detailed plans for WBC hive construction.  Check out the rest of the Bee Source site while you're there.