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Beekeeping Organizations
  • California State Beekeepers Association
    • One of the largest and most important beekeeping organizations - founded in 1889.
  • Eastern Apiculture Society
    • Perhaps the progressive the the large beekeeping support organizations, EAS supports research, master beekeeper certification, and educational outreach.
  • American Beekeeping Federation
    • A strong advocate for honey bees and the pollination industry, this national organization was founded in 1943.  See the link to their non-profit arm - The eFoundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees under links to foundations.
  • Local Beekeeping Organizations/Clubs
Non-Profit Organizations - Funding Research
  • The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
    • Located near Tucson, Arizona, this world class museum has long been a major supporter of pollinator education and protection.
  • The Xerces Society
    • Probably the foremost advocate for invertebrate conservation in the world.  The Xerces Society is a major advocate for invertebrate pollinators.
  • Häagen-Dazs - Help the Honey Bees
    • Home site for the foundation set up by the Hagen Daz ice cream company to help save honeybees.  The foundation has directly funded research at Penn State and UC Davis.
  • Bee Native
    • A non-profit organization of the American Indian Tribal communities.  Primarily supports the creation and maintenance of apiaries associated with Native American institutions of high education.
  • Project Apis M
    • Organization formed by representatives of the commercial beekeeping, sideline beekeeping , and almond growing communities.  The organization funds hard research into threats affecting managed honeybee operations.
  • National Honey Board
    • The National Honey Board promotes honey sales, quality, and production.  The board supports production related research.